Cover illustration for KidsPost issue for Mother's Day, May 1. (Alla Dreyvitser/The Washington Post)

You might have rushed around in the past few days trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day present. But stores don’t carry what most moms want. Moms know you love them, but they like reminders. So on the next two pages, read what kids have to say about their moms.
And thanks to all who shared!

I appreciate my mum because she is hardworking, humble, Godfearing, caring, loving, and most of all she respects every person that comes her way. I love her because she loves her family relations.

I am really grateful because she gave birth to me to see this wonderful world. I will say only one thing: I LOVE YOU MUM!!!

Prosper Onosu, 12, Manassas, Virginia

I appreciate my mom because she helps me understand if I’m wrong or right. When I don’t know what to do she is there for me every step of the way. She cherishes me like a diamond, and the thing I mostly appreciate about her is when at night she kisses my head and says, “I really do love you.” And I say, “ I love you, too.”

Anna Ortiz, 11, Ashburn, Virginia

My mother is a unique woman. She is smart, caring and will do almost ANYTHING for me. For example, a few months ago there was a track meet, but my mom was messed up with the days. She thought it was the next day so she canceled all my other things, more importantly canceled all her things for me and went to the track meet with ME. I love her so much.

Saira Nagda, 9, Alexandria

My mom is special because she gives me hugs and kisses. She plays with me and cuddles with me. She makes dinner and shows me how to cook. She helps me on my homework and helps me when I get hurt while I am playing. She is very nice to me and she loves me!

Nicholas Tyner, 7, Fairfax

Mama Oh Mama

I love how at lunch when I read your napkin notes,
they are always filled with my favorite quotes.

Mama Oh Mama

Don’t tell anyone, but when I see you standing next to the other moms . . .
you’re the prettiest one.

Mama Oh Mama

I have always loved that mama smell of yours,
that’s probably why you’re the one every baby adores.

Mama Oh Mama

I just want to say I love you.

Esha Bhatti, 12, Highland, Maryland

My mother is very special —

She brought me to life — without her I wouldn’t be here. She helps me with everything — from sewing

to learning foreign languages to painting.

She cooks from scratch every day for us,

She homeschools me and

Does a job harder than 3 men’s.

She is someone I trust and tell all my secrets to.

But best of all —

She loves me, and although I love her more,

She loves me most.

Natalie Piltoyan, 11, Ocean City, Maryland

My mother shows her love to me in so many ways. She helps me with my homework, drives me to Boy Scouts and church, makes me delicious breakfasts and reads books with me. She is a great role model to me because she earned a master’s degree while working a full-time job and taking care of our family. My mother is a great mom! She deserves her spa day today!

Miles Johnson, 11, Columbia, Maryland

I love my mom because she made me, she loves me, and she is kind. Not all moms can do all the above things. I know my mom loves me more than anything in the world!

I love to curl up when my mom reads me stories. I am very happy to see her when she picks me up at the school bus stop. Mom, I love you more than anything in the world too!

Brian Mason, 8, Bethesda

What I appreciate about my mom is she is funny, nice, she shows love and she picks me up when I am down. When my back is against the wall she is the only one there. She helps me out in sports and when I have games, she automatically comes. She always pays attention to me. When I get in trouble she at least asks what happened. She loves me a lot.

Elijah King, 13, Washington

I love my mom because she is very different than most moms. She is like my best friend and mom mashed together. Although she can be annoying and a worry monster, she is the only one who understands me. When I cry she’s there to pick me back up and wipe my tears away. She helps me see the world in a different perspective. She pushes me to follow my dreams, and when I’m older I’ll remember everything she did.

Talaya Childress, 13, Washington

I love her because when I get hurt she always makes me feel better. I love it when she does stuff with me that she doesn’t want to do because she loves me and wants to make me happy. For example, when she went go-karting with me. She is the best mom ever and works very hard to support our family.

— Gabe Turner, 11, South Riding, Virginia