If you have time to spare during the holiday breaks, KidsPost has just the thing to keep you busy: contests! Whether you’re a space enthusiast or a science-fiction fan, challenge yourself to write a story, invent something or design a service project. We’ll cross our fingers and toes that the winner of one of the cool prizes is you.

Inventor's Challenge

Do you have an idea for solving a problem you see at home, at school or in your community? The Inventor’s Challenge asks you to invent a solution using whatever tools and materials are available to you. You will have to make a short video presenting and explaining your invention. It can be a physical or digital invention and will be judged based on originality, usefulness and the creativity of design and presentation.

Who can enter: Students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

When to submit: Through January 15.

Prize: Winners will receive a tablet and a Bitsbox, a learning system that teaches coding. Awards given in elementary, middle school and high school categories.

How to enter: Visit inventorschallenge.org.

NASA Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest

NASA wants you to imagine leading an expedition to the moon’s south pole. This essay contest asks you to describe whom you would bring and why they would help the mission. Also explain one piece of technology that you would leave on the surface that could help future moon explorers.

Who can enter: Students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Prize: Three students (one from elementary school; one, middle school; and one, high school) will receive a family trip to see the launch of an Artemis-1 rocket in Florida. Nine finalists will receive a trip for two to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Prizes for semifinalists.

When to submit: Through December 17.

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Are you working on or planning a service project? The Barron Prize for Young Heroes aims to reward a civic-minded young person who has a positive impact on people, a community or the environment. To be considered, you must be working on the service project alone or serve as a leader of a project.

Who can enter: Ages 8 to 18.

When to submit: January 1 through April 15.

Prize: Winners receive $10,000 toward their education or another service project.

How to enter: Visit barronprize.org/about-us

Geek Partnership writing contest

The Geek Partnership Society writing contest asks young people to create original stories within specified genres. While you can send short stories, comic books or poetry, they must have science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural or alternative history elements. The winning entries will be published online and in print by the Geek Partnership Society.

Who can enter: All ages.

When to submit: January through July 1.

Prize: Winners in five categories will receive $50 or $75 Amazon gift cards.