Summer of KidsPost: Enjoying science and history

  • 20 hours ago
(The Washington Post illustration/Family Photos)
(The Washington Post illustration/Family Photos)

Beluga whale stuck in France’s Seine River rejects food

The whale is between two locks in river, far from it normal home in the Arctic Ocean.
  • 10 hours ago

Summer of KidsPost: Enjoying science and history

KidsPost readers went to Tryon Palace in North Carolina and Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos.

European champion Lionesses get England fired up about women’s soccer

The United States’ team is ranked Number 1, but England’s team looks promising for next year’s World Cup.

Visiting the world’s tallest tree could lead to big fine, jail time

California’s 380-foot tree, nicknamed Hyperion, has been damaged by visitors to California’s Redwood National Park.
  • 5 days ago

Book club: A girl looks to escape a life of lies in ‘The Last Mapmaker’

Christina Soontornvat’s latest novel is filled with adventure, mystery and family drama.
  • 5 days ago

Pony swim brings ‘Misty’ lovers back to Chincoteague

The event, which started 97 years ago but paused in the pandemic, became popular because of children’s book series.
  • Aug 2

If you could be a pro athlete, which sport would you choose?

Would you be a major leaguer or play in the WNBA? It’s fun to consider on long summer evenings.

It's Shark Week! Sink your teeth into this quiz.

These legendary fish have been around for a very long time. How much do you know about sharks?
  • Jul 27
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Drawing up a storm

KidsPost weather art gallery

A showcase of daily weather illustrations created by KidsPost readers.
  • Jan 10, 2020
Gallery of the Week

A Hawaii national park is given Pohue Bay to protect and manage

Pohue Bay is home to endangered species and culturally significant sites.
  • Jul 15

In Kenya, almost 10 years of tending to mangroves pays off

The Mikoko Pamoja project restores and conserves mangrove in Gazi Bay, Kenya.
  • Jul 1

At the 2022 Westminster Dog Show, a bloodhound takes the top prize!

Trumpet the bloodhound may be top dog but he had some cute competitors.
  • Jun 24

What is a supermoon?

The June 14 'strawberry moon' was the 2nd of 4 supermoons this year.
  • Jun 17

Platinum Jubilee marks Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year reign

Britain celebrates the queen's milestone with a parade and a weekend of festivities.
  • Jun 2

Bleaching continues to affect coral reefs

Another mass bleaching event plagues Australia?s Great Barrier Reef.
  • May 11

Hello, May flowers!

Check out these fun facts about flowers that bloom in spring, summer and fall.
  • May 5