Did you know that February has only 28 days this year? Let’s see what other fun facts you know

Even the worst teams now average triple digits per game, but that wasn’t always true.

Harbin Ice and Snow World shuts down early after huge ice sculptures began to melt.

The annual event debuts the latest toys that will hit toy store shelves by the holidays

Glendon Warner, who recently opened a shop in Maryland, sells toys that reflect the kids who play with them.

The progressive senator from Vermont says he will join Democrats in the 2020 race.

Aesha Ash was one of the few African American ballet dancers. Her Swan Dreams Project teaches kids battle stereotypes.

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Drawing up a storm
A showcase of daily weather art illustrations from KidsPost readers.
  • Sep 4, 2012
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Leslie Johnson’s second-graders admire J.K. Rowling and want to take care of animals.

In 1919, the millions-year-old canyon was named a national park

The wire fox terrier is Best in Show at the kennel club’s prestigious dog competition.

Families in China and around the world gather as a new year begins

Several outdoor activities — including sled-dog racing and ice fishing — require freezing weather.

A famous baseball player, the end of a war and popular inventions mark a century in 2019.