The alligator’s mouth is taped shut by wildlife workers as homeowner Pam Jones observes from a safe distance. The reptile took a swim in her pool, then crawled out to sun itself. (John Fitzhugh/Sun Herald via Associated Press)

A woman in coastal Mississippi found a five-foot-long alligator swimming in her pool on Monday morning.

Pam Jones opened the back door of her Gulfport home to let out her dog when she spotted the alligator in the water. After a swim, the animal climbed out to sun itself, she said.

Jones got her dog inside, shut the door and called the local wildlife department.

“Our pool motor went out, and we’ve been waiting for the new one to come in,” Jones said. “The pool is green because of the motor being out. But [the alligator] did get all of the frogs living in there.”

Wildlife officials told Jones that alligators frequently show up in neighborhoods after heavy rain.

To capture the alligator, two officials pumped the murky water out of the pool. After five hours, they got the big reptile.

“I’m just glad it’s gone,” Jones said as she looked at the alligator resting in the back of the wildlife officials’ truck. “He’s kind of cute, though, isn’t he?”

— Associated Press