Cindy Mitlo’s fifth- and sixth-graders like pop music, and some of them hope to become professional YouTubers. (School photo/School photo)

Cindy Mitlo’s fifth- and sixth-grade class at Pinecrest School in Annandale, Virginia, is the April Class of Kids­Post. The 13 students at this private school enjoy pop music, fantasy books and YouTube.

We have two more Class of Kids­Posts this school year. If you would like your class considered, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire at, have students fill it out, and send it, along with a class picture, to ­kidspost@­washpost.­com. Classes chosen receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay poster, books and Kids­Post pencils.

Favorite author and favorite book: Ms. Mitlo’s students enjoy a variety of authors. J.K. Rowling and her “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” received two votes to win this category. Other mentions included Suzanne Collins and “The Hunger Games” and James Dashner and “The Maze Runner.”

Favorite singer or musician: Recent Grammy winner Bruno Mars earned first place with three votes. Fellow pop star Taylor Swift came in second with two.

Favorite game, sport or hobby: There was a four-way tie, with baseball, swimming, soccer and Minecraft each receiving two votes.

Person, living or dead, you ­admire most: Nearly half the class picked a family member. Dad received two votes, but these kids also look up to a cousin, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa. Famous people mentioned included Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi and chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall.

Favorite website or app: YouTube and Clash Royale tied for first place with three votes each. Pokémon came in second with two.

If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would you go? ­No one destination was the favorite, but several students mentioned Asia — Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Korea; Vietnam; and Indonesia.

Favorite birthday food: These kids enjoy traditional birthday food. Ice cream narrowly beat pizza, four votes to three. The other choices were steak, eggs and ice cream cake.

Do you like to hear from friends by text, photo, video or postcard? Video and text messages were equally popular, earning four votes apiece. Postcards came in second with three votes.

Do you have a pet or pets? ­Four students have a dog, the winner in this category. “No pets” was second with three votes. Cat and fish tied for third with two votes.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Four students aim to do something their parents couldn’t: become a professional YouTuber. Other careers mentioned included Air Force pilot, artist and marine biologist.

What would you invent to help others? The most popular inventions were machines that produced food or battled diseases. (One student called hers a “disease taker.”) There was one invention that would score points with Ms. Mitlo: a machine to help teachers check homework faster.