Blo-Rockets are among the new toys and games this summer for outdoor fun. Kids launch them with lung power. (Stomp Rocket)

You may have felt glued to your computer or tablet during online learning. With school finished, it’s time to go outside. It’s not a typical summer — you’re probably missing camps — but there’s still fun to be had. We know you will pull out favorite toys and games from years past, but we found a few new ideas for added fun in the backyard or nearby park.

(Hog Wild)

Pop and Pass challenges players to catch a small foam ball with a plastic launcher. When a player pulls and pushes the handle, the launcher makes a popping sound as the ball flies into the air. (Hog Wild)

Pop and Pass

Hog Wild, ages 6 and older, $24.99.

This catching game features two launchers that propel a small foam ball with the pull of the handle. Compressed air makes a popping sound as the ball shoots toward your partner. The launchers have a basket-like shape at the end that makes it easy to scoop up the ball from the ground. It’s not simple to catch, however, as the little ball can easily pop right out of your basket.

Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target features works with any foam dart blasters. Hit the seven targets to earn points. (Jazwares)

A battery-powered digital display keeps track of the score. The game can be single player or you can compete against a sibling or friend. (Jazwares)

Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target

Jazwares, ages 8 and older, $19.99.

If you have a dart blaster, you’re probably bouncing those little foam darts off just about anything. Set up this digital target in your backyard or driveway to stay far from breakable objects inside the house. The target has three game modes and can be set for one or two players. Hit some or all of the seven small targets in 60 seconds to earn points that appear on the battery-powered digital display. Most kids will need practice to improve their aim, something that may help save your parents’ collectibles.

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit allows kids to make colorful creations that would work well in a nighttime treasure hunt. (Faber-Castell)


Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

Creativity for Kids, ages 6 and older, $13.99.

Treasure hunts are big this year, and looking for painted rocks is a fun option. With this kit, you can create the colorful objects to find on a nighttime hunt with neighbors. The kit comes with 10 river rocks, two paintbrushes, six water-resistant fluorescent paints and five glow-in-the-dark puffy paint markers. Get a sheet of newspaper to catch spills, and set up an outdoor painting station. There are no templates, so the designs are up to you. After several hours of drying, your mini masterpieces are ready for their hiding spots.

(Stomp Rocket)


Stomp Rocket, ages 5 and older, $19.99.

Challenge a friend or sibling to see who can launch a foam rocket the farthest with only lung power. A set of Blo-Rockets, a new twist on the popular Stomp Rockets, contains two handheld launching sticks that kids blow through to send foam rockets (four included) sailing through the air. Use them for target practice, catch, or dodge ’em, but as with many toys, it’s even more fun to invent your own game.