Stacey and Michael Sean Cowles build a snowman on a picnic bench in Alabama. We might finally get our turn to play with some real snow come Wednesday. (Eric Schultz/Associated Press)

Okay kids, Tuesday’s the night to wear your pajamas inside out and backwards.

Weather forecasters are saying that we have our best chance in two winters for enough snow to build snowmen, have snowball fights and go sledding Tuesday night into Wednesday.

We’re not talking about an all-out blizzard, but The Post’s Capital Weather Gang is saying that there’s a 70 to 80 percent chance of Washington getting at least two inches of snow. Given how little snow we’ve had for the past two years, that’s reason to celebrate.

Of course, predicting the weather is a tricky business and if the patterns change or the temperature increases just a little, we could wind up with drenching rain instead of fluffy snow.

Which is all the more reason to do everything you can to help the snow gods by wearing funky pajamas Tuesday night. For the latest forecast, check out (Always ask an adult before going online.)