North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration ” by Nick Dowson; illustrated by Patrick Benson. $16.99. Age 7 and older.

We know that lots of you will be thinking about what’s going on at the North Pole in the next week. This beautiful book tells in poetic words and soft, gentle illustrations the story of the Arctic and some epic journeys. But there is no jolly old elf in a red suit in the story. And while there are plenty of animals, none of them are flying reindeer.

This is not a tale of one man’s flight from the North Pole on one night. Instead, this story tells of the journey that thousands of animals make, often over many months, to get to the Arctic.

Did you know that gray whales swim 5,000 miles over eight weeks, never stopping to eat to get to the rich feeding grounds of the Arctic? Or that a type of bird called the bar-tailed godwit fly all the way from New Zealand to the Arctic? Or that in the summer, the air at in the Arctic Circle is filled with the hum of bees and mosquitoes, and flowers turn fields bright shades of gold and purple?

As the book states, “Not many animals can live year-round in the Arctic. Those that do include polar bears, arctic foxes, musk oxen and arctic hares.” This amazing book will show you a side of the North Pole you may have never even thought about. Not to mention give you a better appreciation of why a certain family named Claus calls it home!

— Tracy Grant