On its way to the international space station, an Antares rocket lifts off a NASA launchpad on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. (Steve Helber/Associated Press)

A commercial cargo ship rocketed toward the international space station Wednesday in the first resupply mission from Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Cygnus, a capsule created by a Virginia-based company, Orbital Sciences, is carrying 1,300 pounds of food, clothing and goodies for the astronauts. It is due at the orbiting outpost Sunday.    

The unmanned Antares rocket blasted into a clear sky from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. The rocket exhaust plume could be seen from Washington.

The three space station residents watched the launch live with the help of a satellite link.

“Great launch! Excited for Cygnus arrival on Sunday!” space station astronaut Karen Nyberg said in a tweet. She’s expecting a fresh stash of chocolate.

After a month-long visit, Cygnus will be filled with station trash and cut loose for a fiery destruction upon reentry. Orbital Sciences hopes to launch another Cygnus in December.

— Associated Press