Get involved in the 2020 presidential election by taking part in KidsPost’s mock election and by urging others to vote.

If you are age 7 to 14, cast your vote online starting Wednesday. No, these votes won’t actually elect your favorite candidate, but they will show how kids feel about who’s running for president. The voting will close October 28 so we will have time to share the results on Election Day. (No kids’ names will be collected.) Find the form at

You can also urge every eligible voter to cast their vote by creating a public service announcement (PSA), a short video or drawing about why voting is important. Find instructions at Your PSA can be funny or serious, but it can’t mention a candidate or a political party.

We will select three kids’ entries to be part of a KidsPost PSA. Washington Post TikTok host Dave Jorgenson will interview the selected kids on Zoom, and the videos/drawings will appear on KidsPost, The Washington Post’s YouTube channel and other social platforms. The deadline for PSA entries is Saturday.

A parent, guardian or teacher must fill out the online forms and give permission for you to participate. Send questions to