Peeps, a baby robin nursed back to health by Karin Caston, sleeps on one of the woman’s cats. (Associated Press)

Cats and birds aren’t usually considered friends. Many outdoor cats make a game of chasing and scaring away wild birds that cross their paths.

But several cats in Michigan recently proved that felines can indeed make feathered friends. A baby robin spent quality time with some friendly cats in Otsego Township, Michigan.

Karin Caston’s cats accepted the bird, named Peeps, after she found it about two weeks ago in her yard. The bird lived in a cage, but it spent time nestled in the fur of two of Caston’s cats or perched on their backs. A third cat let the bird walk around it.

The robin also liked to hang out on Caston’s finger.

Caston, who released Peeps back to the wild on Monday, told the Associated Press in an e-mail that she first locked up the cats when she started caring for the bird. Peeps’s new home is Brookside Park in Otsego, Michigan.

— Associated Press