Want to give a window at home some sparkle? Ask Mom or Dad if they have any blank compact discs stashed somewhere. With just a little creative whimsy and effort, an old CD can be transformed into a dazzling suncatcher.

Adult’s help:

Hands-on time:
1 hour

Total time:
1½ days


●blank compact disc

●duct tape

●glass paint with applicator tool (craft stores, Amazon)

●black liquid leading (craft stores, Amazon)

●foot-long string

●hot-glue gun with glue stick


●paper plate

●damp paper towel


1. Make a small scrape on the front of the CD by rubbing the scissors’ pointed edge back-and-forth.

2. Snip off a piece of duct tape with scissors, then press it on the scraped part of the disc. When you peel the tape off, the disc cover should stick to it. Continue pressing the tape on the disc, using more as needed, until the disc is completely clear.

3. Cut the disc into a shape of your choice with scissors. (You may need an adult’s help cutting, or you don’t have to cut the CD at all.) When finished, snip off any extra plastic bits along the shape’s edges with scissors before placing it on the paper plate.

4. Make designs on the cut disc with the liquid leading, squeezing the paint out of the bottle as you move it. Be sure all the shapes you make are complete on all sides (as you’ll be filling them later). Remove any smudges with the wet paper towel. When done, let dry at least eight hours.

5. Scoop out a small amount of glass paint with the applicator tool. Dab the paint in the section you want to color, then fill the entire area by pushing the paint to the black border edges. When finished, gently lift the disc to check for any missed spots. Use the damp paper towel to wipe away any mistakes and clean the applicator before switching colors.

6. Repeat the previous step with more paint colors until all the sections are filled. Let dry at least eight hours.

7. Plug in the hot-glue gun, then flip over the suncatcher. Form a loop with the string, placing the ends just inside the top edge of the suncatcher. Ask an adult to squeeze a dab of hot glue over the ends of string. Let the glue cool a few minutes.

8. Let the sunshine in! Find a sunny window to hang your masterpiece.