Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified the family that created the “Treasure the Chesa-Peeps” diorama. It was created by Nolan, Josephine, Jay and Jennifer Ledford, not Lenhart, of Salisbury, Md. This version has been updated.

Jay, Josephine and Nolan Ledford have a different view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge than most kids in the Washington area. Since they live in Salisbury, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, they don’t cross the bridge on the way to the beach. Instead, they cross it on their way to visit their grandparents in Annapolis.

The kids, with some help from their mom, Jennifer Ledford, memorialized those fun times in marshmallow with a diorama that they entered in The Washington Post Magazine’s sixth annual Peeps Diorama Contest.

The Ledford kids spent about six hours on Presidents’ Day working on the diorama; everyone played a part.

“I did the grandpa who was sitting on the chair, and I made the dock,” said Jay, 12.

Seven-year-old Josephine helped decorate Peeps with sunglasses and propped one in a beach chair. “I did the kayak, too,” she said.

Nolan, 6, says his favorite part of the diorama is “the beach at the end of the bridge,” a strip of land beside the water that represents Sandy Point State Park.

And does the Ledford family like Peeps? Nolan had the last word on that one: “Who would ask a silly question like that!”

Tracy Grant


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