Cicadas inspire works of art

(Jolie Zieger, 11, of Salisbury, Maryland.)

Have you ever heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? That means there’s no definition for what is beautiful. It’s up to each person who looks at something or someone to decide.

Submissions for KidsPost’s cicada art gallery prove how true that saying is. Readers drew cicadas as adorable insects you might find in a cartoon. Others depicted Brood X with a scientific accuracy — with red eyes and lacy wings — that also show the beauty of these unusual creatures. But some artists focused less on beauty than on the humor and weirdness of bugs that show up once every 17 years. We enjoyed all of the drawings and selected a few to highlight in print. We hope you will go to to see more.

Thanks to all the participating artists. We chose five in a random drawing to receive KidsPost T-shirts. Congratulations to Felix Denton and Cian Shangguan of Washington, D.C.; Audrey Young of Alexandria, Virginia; Arig Olkhanud of Bethesda, Maryland; and Leo Mucchetti of Arlington, Virginia.