These colorful ornaments are simple to make with mostly materials you can find around the house. (Kris Coronado)

Cotton-ball snowman? Glittery pine cones? Been there, done that. Take your holiday creativity to the next level by stuffing a hollow ornament ball with one-of-a-kind paper beads made by you. You may already have most of what you need for this project. The rest can be found at a craft store.

Take your time. The more effort and imagination you pour into making this ornament, the more dazzling it will be. When finished, give it to a loved one or proudly hang it on a tree.

Adult's help: No

Hands-on time:
1½ hours

Total time:
Two days

2017: Supplies for the KidsPost holiday ornament craft project include construction paper, glitter glue, pompoms, ribbon and markers. (Kris Coronado)


Construction paper

Crayons and markers


Glitter glue

Scotch tape

Hollow plastic ornament ball
or Mason jar ornament

½-inch or smaller tinsel pompoms

½-inch jingle bells

Thin ribbon


2017: Step 1 of KidsPost holiday ornament craft: Fold two colored half sheets of construction paper in half widthwise, then top to bottom. Each paper now has four equal sections. (Kris Coronado)

1. Select two colored pieces of construction paper that aren't too dark to be drawn on. Cut each in half widthwise. Fold two pieces in half widthwise, then top to bottom, making a rectangle. When opened, each paper will have four equal sections.

2017: Step 2 for KidsPost holiday craft ornament project: Use a crayon or a marker to color the rectangles of construction paper before cutting them a part. (Kris Coronado)

2. Color the eight rectangular sections with crayons or markers. The more you fill each space, the better.

2017: Cut the decorated construction paper rectangles into four strips for the KidsPost holiday ornament craft. (Kris Coronado)

3. Cut the rectangles apart with scissors, then cut each rectangle lengthwise into four strips. You will have 32 pieces when done.

2017: Step 4: Use glitter glue to decorate the back of the paper strips for KidsPost holiday ornament craft. (Kris Coronado)

4. Flip the strips over and decorate the blank sides with glitter glue. Allow them to dry for 24 hours.

2017: STEP 5 for KidsPost holiday ornament craft. Roll each strip and secure the end with a piece of Scotch tape. (Kris Coronado)

5. When dry, roll each strip in on itself, securing it in place with a small piece of Scotch tape. Roll half with your drawing on the outside and the others with the glitter facing out.

2017: STEP 6 for KidsPost holiday ornament craft. Place paper beads into ornament ball or mason jar ornament. (Kris Coronado)

6. Once your paper beads are done, gently pull off the top of the ornament ball and pop them inside. (If the beads are a little big, a gentle squeeze helps.) When finished, the ornament should be more than half full. Fill it a little more with the pompoms and a few bells. Don't fill the ball completely; otherwise, you won't be able to make the bells jingle. Put the ornament top back on and tie a ribbon around it.

Want an ornament with a wider opening? Try a plastic Mason jar ornament. After unscrewing the lid, you can easily put in larger bead loops.