Ellen Wales, 9 of Falls Church, created this artwork for the Wounded Warriors project. (Wounded Warriors project)

Everybody loves a contest. And what makes the contests we’re featuring today especially neat is that the “winners” aren’t just those who enter. Each of these contests appeal to kids’ desire to make the world a little bit better. We encourage everyone to enter. You might win cool prizes, but just by entering, we know you’ll truly be a winner.

Art for Wounded Warriors

What you need to do: Create an original piece of artwork to be displayed at hospitals and rehabilitation centers where wounded Marines will be spending the holidays.

Who can enter: Kids of all ages.

Who sponsors the contest: National Museum of the Marine Corps.

What you can win: The pride in knowing that your artwork is putting a smile on the face of someone who was wounded serving our country. With Veterans Day this week, this is especially meaningful.

Katie’s Krops founder Katie Stagliano, left, gardens with a volunteer. (From Katie Stagliano)

How to enter: More details are available at www.usmcmuseum.org/
Send artwork in a flat, rigid envelope with your name, grade and home town to:

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Attn: Teacher in Residence

18900 Jefferson Davis Highway

Triangle, Virginia 22172.

Deadline: December 10.

Katie’s Krops Vegetable Garden

What you need to do: Write a proposal for a vegetable garden that you would create to help feed people in need in your community. Suggested gardens could be container gardens or school gardens.

Who can enter: Kids between the ages of 9 and 16.

Who sponsors the contest: Katie’s Krops, a charity created by Katie Stagliano, a 13-year-old South Carolina girl.

What you can win: A gift card (up to $400) to a garden center in your area to buy plants, and a digital camera to document your harvest.

How to enter: Go to www.katieskrops.com and click on “Apply for a Grant.”

Lindsay’s Santa Cause

What you need to do: Get together a group, which can be your family, a class or a youth or church group, and start collecting canned goods to be donated to a local food bank or soup kitchen.

Who can enter: Groups of all ages. No more than 45 people per group. Each group must have one adult, age 18 or older.

Who sponsors the contest: The Lindsay Olives company.

What you can win: The group that collects the most cans per person will win a $3,000 prize.

How to enter: Groups can sign up at www.lindsayolives.com/holiday.

Deadline: All food must be donated by December 20.