Misty, who lived about 150 million years ago, has been put back together in a warehouse. (Lefteris Pitarakis/Associated Press)

A huge dinosaur skeleton found by two boys in Wyoming is being sold in Britain.

Summers Place Auctions said the female Diplodocus longus skeleton was found accidentally near a quarry in 2009. Paleontologist Raimund Albersdörfer, who was working at the quarry, sent his sons Benjamin, 14, and Jacob, 11, off to play. The boys discovered a huge bone. Albersdörfer’s crew dug up the rest.

The 55-foot-long skeleton, nicknamed Misty, is about 150 million years old. It was treated at a fossil laboratory in the Netherlands before being assembled in Britain.

Natural history expert Errol Fuller, who is working on the auction, said there are about six such skeletons in museums around the world, including a 70-foot-long specimen at Washington’s National Museum of Natural History.

Summers Place said the skeleton would be put up for sale November 27 and is likely to sell for more than $640,000.

— Associated Press