Snowball, who was rescued from a dog-meat farm in South Korea, gives Deirdre Hyde a kiss. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Twenty-three dogs rescued from a dog-meat farm in South Korea arrived in Alexandria this week.

Humane Society International says it worked with the property’s owner in Seoul to close the farm for good. The agency removed the dogs, including 12 puppies, from what it says were miserable conditions.

The agency says it paid the owner in exchange for an agreement to stop raising dogs for food and grow crops instead.

The rescued dogs were brought to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, where they are undergoing health inspections and getting used to human contact.

“These dogs need love and care to help them understand humans aren’t here to be scary,” said Welfare League volunteer Carrie Pergram.

On Friday, the dogs will be transferred to shelters in Northern Virginia and Washington. Based on the dogs’ health, those shelters will decide when they can be visited and adopted.

— Wire and staff reports