(Alla Dreyvitser/The Washington Post)

Lonely, bored dogs left at home all day while their owners are at work could soon be getting some company: a TV channel with programming just for pooches.

DogTV, a round-the-clock channel designed for man’s best friend, will air nationally this month on DirecTV.

“It is the first and only television channel that is dedicated to our four-legged friends and not
to their parents,” said Gilad
Neumann, the chief executive of the company.

The channel, which costs subscribers $4.99 a month, will feature programs with music, visuals, animation and the occasional human, all designed to relax, stimulate and ease the loneliness of home-alone pets.

“They are bored, and many
suffer from separation anxiety,” Neumann said. “What we are trying to do is to give dogs something to focus on in the background.”

David Frei, director of communications at the Westminster
Kennel Club and a co-host of its annual dog show, thinks DogTV is a good thing if it can help relieve separation anxiety for pets and their owners.

“I get pictures every year from viewers . . .of their dogs watching television, or standing up on their hind legs when they see a dog,” he said. “It’s kind of cute.”

— Reuters