What do you picture when you think of summer? It could be sunny day with a bright blue sky. Or dark clouds before an afternoon thunderstorm. Or so hot that the sidewalk burns the bottom of your feet.

Whatever you think summer looks like, we would like to see it. So put those ideas down on paper. If your art fits with the daily weather forecast, we’ll consider using it in KidsPost.

Here are a few guidelines:

● Kids must be ages 5 to 13.

● Bright colors work best.

● You can use paints, markers or whatever art supplies you have.

● Try to avoid leaving a lot of white space on the page.

A parent, guardian or teacher must give permission for your drawing to be used. Have that person fill out our online form, which you can find at wapo.st/kidspostweatherart. Look for your art Monday through Thursday in the print KidsPost and in the online photo gallery at kidspost.com.