Look through some of the world’s species that could face extinction

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(Daniel Becerril / Reuters)

Bai Yun and her 6-year-old cub, Xiao Liwu, will be sent to China in the coming days.

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KidsPost readers picked vaquitas, snow leopards, pangolins and more.

The Conservation Biology Institute gives Smithsonian scientists a chance to work with threatened species that need room to roam.

These charming little primates share Madagascar with people desperate for wood and food.

No scientist has seen a saola in the wild, but that isn’t stopping them from trying to save the species from extinction.

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The kakapo, which lives only in this South Pacific nation, was nearly extinct in the 1970s.

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Learn more about giant pandas, elephants, woolly monkeys and other threatened creatures.

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Thousands are at risk of extinction because of human activities.

Several programs can use kids’ help to observe and document where the animals are.

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Scientists use tiny geolocating backpacks to track the trip from Alaska and Canada to South America.

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Conservationist Eric Dinerstein revisits Nepal and poaching in his new book.

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Mom Calaya seems to be caring for the newborn, who has been named Moke.

Sudan, a 45-year-old born in the wild, had an infection and was no longer able to stand.

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