Wander Suero is not yet a hot relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals, but his name is very cool. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

KidsPost will be “at the beach” next week. But I am already on vacation — making sand castles and playing golf in Massachusetts with my family. But I’m still thinking of sports:

●Recent articles in the New York Times said that the number of kids playing soccer has dropped 14 percent in the past three years and that 70 percent of the referees leave after just three seasons. I wonder whether the kids and refs don’t like all the yelling at youth soccer games.

●One “sport” that is growing like crazy is esports. More than 22,000 video-game fans packed the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to watch the two-day Overwatch League Finals. That’s a lot of people watching other people play a video game. Still, I’m not sure that’s a real sport.

●Have you heard about the 10-year-old swimmer called “Superman”? Clark Kent Apuada broke Michael Phelps’s record for kids age 10 and younger in the 100-meter butterfly. That’s great, but Apuada has a long way to reach Phelps’s record of 23 Olympic gold medals.

●Put the Washington Nationals new relief pitcher Wander Suero on your list of cool sports names.

●Everyone got excited when the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. But another Washington professional sports team won a championship recently. The Washington Valor — the local Arena Football League franchise — won Arena Bowl XXXI (31 in Roman numerals) after going 2-10 (two wins and 10 losses) during the regular season. Talk about a comeback!

Clark Kent Apuada recently broke Michael Phelps’s record for swimmers age 10 and younger in the 100-meter butterfly. (Monterey County Aquatic Team/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

●Despite the injury to prized rookie Derrius Guice, folks are talking as if the Washington Redskins are going to be good this season. Remember, the Redskins have had only four winning records and zero playoff wins in the past 12 seasons. I’ll believe they are going to be good when I see it.

●In New England, the fans love Tom Brady and the Patriots. Of course, the Patriots have had 17 straight winning seasons including eight trips to the Super Bowl and five Super Bowl championships. So it’s easy to be a Patriots fan.

●Some baseball fans are complaining about teams, such as the Baltimore Orioles, giving up on their seasons and trading their best players. But remember: The Houston Astros were hopeless in 2013, losing 111 games. Four years later, they were World Series champs.

Something to think about as I make another sand castle.