Antifreeze in their blood and migration are just two ways they beat the cold.

  • Jason Bittel
  • ·

They are, but scientists are still trying to figure out why.

Temperature isn’t the only factor in determining what will fall from the sky.

Often these year-long promises don’t last even a month.

  • Howard Bennett
  • ·

The tilt of the Earth helps explain it.

It shows signs of life, but scientists don’t agree on whether it’s alive.

NASA provides about 200 choices on the space station, but travel to Mars poses new challenges.

Candy chemistry explains how simple sucrose can be chewy, hard or fluffy.

They’re too small to be recycled, so they end up in the landfill by the millions.

Vultures and possums are two creatures that use foul odors to their advantage.

That funny smell and briny taste come from rocks.

  • By Rachel Feltman
  • ·

There’s plenty of useless junk circling the planet, thanks to humans.

The colorful show is a plant’s gamble on staying alive.

It’s not simply to clean their fur.

Prairie voles and other animals form lifelong bonds, but that doesn’t mean they feel the way humans do.

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