Cindy Rodkin of the K9 Fit Club works out beside her golden retriever Khaki in Illinois. (TERESA CRAWFORD/Associated Press)

First lady Michelle Obama said this week that dogs are good candidates for her “Let’s Move” program, which aims to get all members of the family eating better and exercising more.

“Dogs are no different,” she said during a Google chat Monday. “Get them out there and throw that ball, and get them running.”

It turns out that gyms agree. One fitness center in Illinois is offering classes that let people exercise with their dogs. Tricia Montgomery, who runs the K9 Fit Club, said she and her basset hound both lost weight by exercising together.

There’s even a local group, Thank Dog! Boot Camp, that encourages people and their dogs to exercise together.

Of course, kids — and, we suspect, dogs — know that you don’t need a class to exercise with your dog. Mrs. Obama had it right: Throw a ball, run, jump and laugh. You — and Max — will get lots of exercise without even knowing it.