Bald eagle occupy the same nests year after year. After continually having sticks added to them, some of the nests can weigh more than a ton. (Ann Cameron Siegal/For The Washington Post)

Here are a few fun facts that we bet you didn’t know about bald eagles.

●Each bird has about 7,000 feathers.

●Bald eagles mate for life and will use the same nest year after year, adding new sticks from time to time. It’s not unusual for one nest to weigh more than a ton! (That’s 2,000 pounds.)

●Male and female bald eagles look almost identical, but if you see a pair, the female is usually the larger bird.

●Bald eagles are about three feet tall, but their wings can span six to eight feet from tip to tip! Imagine a bald eagle’s wings stretching from floor to ceiling in a typical house.