You drive across it on the way to the beach, but have you ever really thought about this amazing natural resource? (Patterson Clark/The Washington Post)

Kids, do you like cool, free stuff?

If you answered yes, then we have a mission for you. Take this issue of KidsPost into school and have your teacher read it.

In August, KidsPost published a very cool graphic about the Chesapeake Bay that listed what kids can do to help save this amazing waterway. There’s a version of it at; look in the “Homework Helpers” section.

We also made posters of that graphic, and we’ll send them — for free — to teachers. Free, cool poster: Get it?

Your teacher needs to e-mail us at with her name, school, grade and school address. Your teacher can also indicate in the e-mail, if he — yes, we know that not all teachers are women — would like to receive occasional e-mails from KidsPost about other educational projects.

We have a limited number of posters, so we can send only one per classroom. If you’re home-schooled, your parent can e-mail us requesting one for your home-school group.