There are a number of Web sites that offer tips for parents, teachers and children about bullying. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

If you have been bullied or if you want more information on bullying prevention, ask your parents if you can visit these Web sites: has pages for you and your parents. The kids pages include animated videos and games.

Nickelodeon’s the Big Help offers tips to prevent bullying and a news special for middle school kids.

Pacer Center’s site, Kids Against Bullying, features cartoon characters who have been bullied, who bully other kids or who have been bystanders. There are games and puzzles, a gallery of kids’ anti-bullying posters, and stories and poems written by kids.

PBS Kids’ Web site features the Beat the Bully game, which elementary school kids might like. If you can answer a series of questions about dealing with bullies, you win.

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