For a printable page of Cole Goco’s wrapping paper, click here.

When deciding on what he wanted to draw for KidsPost’s annual Holiday Wrapping Paper Contest, Cole Goco, 12, did what great artists often do: exactly what he wanted. “I wasn’t going to do bright color and patterns,” he said, even though his mom and the official contest rules advised that. “I just went with my idea.”

That idea caught the five judges’ attention, and out of almost 500 entries, Cole’s winter scenes stood out as being not only unusual, but well done.

“I guess I’ve always loved [drawing],” said Cole, a seventh-grader at H-B Woodlawn in Arlington. It took him about a week to come up with the wrapping-paper idea and then about two hours to draw it.

Cole draws every day and has a number of sketchbooks and colored pencils that he uses. When he was 5, he drew a picture of his little brother in his cradle. His mom still has the drawing.

“I want to be a cartoonist when I grow up,” Cole said. He loves “Calvin and Hobbes,” and he plans to launch his own online comic strip about a talking popsicle named Billy the Pop in the new year. For Christmas, he’s hoping to get some new comic-strip books such as “Pearls Before Swine,” “FoxTrot” and “Zits.”

Cole has never won a contest for his art before. When he heard that he had won, he started jumping on the couch. “I was very happy about it,” he said. “My brothers kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you won!’ It was a really happy time.”

Moira E. McLaughlin