It’s safe to say that some zoo workers at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio are going ape over a baby gorilla.

The gorilla was born January 29 at a zoo in Texas, and her mother couldn’t care for her. So she was sent to the Ohio zoo, which has lots of experience in raising gorillas.

Now a team of 10 people at the zoo is working around the clock to be fill-in moms to the baby, who has been named Gladys.

Many of them dress in black and put on kneepads so they can walk like a gorilla while little Gladys clings to them. Some even grunt at her, just like a gorilla would.

“Whatever a gorilla mom would do with her baby is what we have to do with this baby,” said Ron Evans of the zoo. Keepers also feed her with a bottle. It probably will be four or five months before she is moved in with the zoo’s eight other gorillas. The zoo hopes some of them will become substitute mothers.

Ron Evans is one of several zookeepers acting as surrogate mothers to Gladys. She will eventually be introduced to the zoo’s other gorillas. Zookeepers hope that the female gorillas will take over mothering duties. (David Jenike/AP)

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