C.H.I.P.’s birthday plans: Swim with blacktip sharks at the Baltimore Aquarium. (Photo illustration by The Washington Post/The Washington Post)

KidsPost’s mascot, C.H.I.P, is hitting a milestone Saturday. Our Canine Hybrid Information Puppy turns 10! He was born March 29, 2004, looking very similar to the way he does today. His name was suggested by then-8-year-old reader Andy Page of Warrenton, who was one of 785 kids to enter a name-the-mascot contest.

C.H.I.P has proved himself to be very smart — he’s like an encyclopedia on four legs — and obedient. He stays in his little spot at the top of the page. We promised that we would take him off his leash on Saturday, so C.H.I.P. has come up with big plans for his big day.