McKenna Pope’s online petition worked: Hasbro will make its Easy-Bake oven with new colors. (JULIO CORTEZ/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Who says a kid can’t change the world — or at least a big toy company’s policy?

Last week, KidsPost reported that 13-year-old McKenna Pope wanted to buy her little brother an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas, but she couldn’t believe that it came only in pink and purple and that it featured only girls on the box.

McKenna wanted Hasbro, the company that makes the oven, to offer one in colors that would appeal to boys. So she started an online petition, and more than 40,000 people signed it.

On Monday, Hasbro invited McKenna and her family to the company headquarters in Rhode Island, where company officials showed her a new design for the oven — one that’s black, silver and blue.

McKenna is thrilled with the results of her actions. “I think that they really met most or even all of what I wanted them to do, and they really amazed me.” she said. Her brother thinks the new design is “awesome,” she added.

Thisphoto shows Hasbro's newest version of their famous Easy-Bake Oven.Hasbro says it will soon reveal a version of the oven in colors more likely to appeal to boys after meeting with a New Jersey girl who started a campaign calling on the toy maker to make one that appeals to all kids. (Stephan Savoia/AP)

The new oven will be in stores by summer, the company said.