Photos clockwise from top right: Simone Rathle; Marylou Tousignant; Associated Press; Madeline McGraw/Seward Library/Museum (Collage by The Washington Post/Collage by The Washington Post)

This year in news has felt like one big event after another. We have seen political scandals, natural disasters and historic moments in sports. Have you been able to keep up with everything?

With 2018 on the horizon, it's time for the annual KidsPost News Quiz, open to ages 6 to 13. If you correctly answer all 10 questions about stories we published this year, your name will be put in a raffle for a prize package that includes a family pack of tickets to "The Princess & the Pauper — A Bollywood Tale" at Imagination Stage in Bethesda.

We need your answers by January 2. Ask a parent, guardian or teacher to fill out the top of the form below. After you have answered the 10 questions, click submit. Check back January 8 to see if you have gotten all the questions correct.

Good luck!