Does the new panda cub look like a charming dragon or a delicate flower? Or something else? (Abby Wood/Smithsonian Institution)

The panda cub at the National Zoo won’t go nameless for much longer. The zoo is asking people to help pick a name for the female giant panda, who was born to Mei Xiang and Tian Tian on August 23.

Panda lovers can go to www.
until November 22 to vote for one of these five choices:

Bao Bao (pronounced bow-BOW), which means “precious treasure” in Mandarin Chinese.

Ling Hua (ling-HWA), “darling, delicate flower.”

Long Yun (long-YOON), or “charming dragon.” This name is supposed to be good luck for U.S.-China panda cooperation.

Mulan (moo-LAHN), a legendary Chinese warrior whose name means “magnolia flower.”

Zhen Bao (jen-BAO), which means “treasure” or “valuable.”

The zoo will announce the winning name on December 1, when the cub is 100 days old.

The cub weighs more than eight pounds and has begun to crawl. She is expected to go on public view in early 2014, zoo officials said.

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