the SpaceX Dragon launched Sunday, bound for the international space station. Among other things, the space capsule is carrying ice cream for the astronauts living in the station. (Craig Rubadoux/Associated Press)

We’re pretty sure we know what’s for dessert Wednesday night aboard the international space station: chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream.

That’s because when a private rocket took off Sunday headed toward the space station, it carried 1,000 pounds of gear needed for scientific experiments and a carton of ice cream for the three space station residents.

The mission was the first of a dozen supply runs that a company called SpaceX will make to the space station. The company’s unmanned Dragon capsule was launched Sunday and is set to arrive on Wednesday.

“It’s driving its way to station, so that’s just awesome,” noted SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell.

The Dragon will spend close to three weeks at the space station before being released and parachuting into the Pacific Ocean at the end of October. SpaceX is working to change its Dragon capsules so that they could carry astronauts to the space station in three years.