Kobe King, 9, found an entertaining way to cope with the heat in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. (Michael Sullivan/News-Review via Associated Press)

Don’t tell the rest of the country, but people in the Pacific Northwest are feeling the heat.

While the South roasted under triple-digit temperatures, residents of Portland, Oregon, sweated through their tank tops Tuesday, the city’s hottest day so far this year at 95 degrees.

That may not sound like much to hot-weather warriors in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it hit 110 degrees. The high temperature at Reagan National Airport wasn’t as brutal: a mere 93 degrees.

But people in swimming holes on Oregon’s Sandy River had a message for their skeptical countrymen: Cut us a break. We don’t have air conditioners.

“Two days ago, we were at 67 [degrees],” said Vicki Sekiguchi at a swimming hole near Portland. “When we go to a 30-degree change, that’s a lot. A heck of a lot.”

Some newer Oregonians didn’t sweat it. “I grew up in Texas, where you fry eggs on the sidewalk,” said Kira Rodenbush, who lay in the sun near Troutdale, Oregon. “Where I grew up, this is Thanksgiving.”

— Associated Press