At the Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire, kids can learn how to make a robot that draws. (Michael Smith-Welch)

Tinkerers and creative types, there’s an event just for you: the Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire.

You’ve never heard of a Maker Faire?

“It’s a glorified way of saying do-it-yourself or hands-on activities,” said Cara Lesser of the Kids International Discovery Museum. The museum, which is looking for a permanent home in Montgomery County, organized the fair.

The indoor-outdoor event, to be held September 29, will feature more than 80 booths at which kids can build a robot, make a marble run and design wearable art.

A variety of adult and kid creations will also be on display. The “Makers” — ranging in age from 9 to 92 — will show their projects and explain what they have learned. It’s like a community show-and-tell.

Some of the more curious creations include robot tick-tack-toe, a “punkin chunkin” trebuchet (that’s a catapult-like machine from medieval times) and aluminum aerogami (think of paper airplanes made of aluminum).

The Maker Faire idea started in 2006 in San Mateo, California, and last year there were more than 50 such events around the world. Lesser said she hoped Washington area kids would be inspired by seeing others’ creativity. “It’s about that spark,” she said. “I can make something on my own, and I can make a difference. Inventions can really make a difference in people’s lives.”

The event will also include food, musical performances and short talks from “Inventors in Our Midst.”

What: Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire.

Where: Veterans Plaza and Silver Spring Civic Building, Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive.

When: September 29 from noon to 5 p.m.

Ages: 5 and older.

How much: Free!

For more information: A parent can call 301-660-7418 or go to