Angus, a 3-year-old wire-haired Vizsla, was going to be a candidate for governor in Kansas. State officials said, however, that candidates must be human. (HANDOUT/REUTERS)

Kansas election officials are putting the brakes on a dog’s campaign for governor.

A Kansas TV station reports that Terran Woolley, of Hutchinson, Kansas, decided to file the paperwork over the weekend for his 3-year-old pooch, Angus, to run for the state’s top office after reading stories about six teenage candidates.

The teens entered the race after learning Kansas doesn’t have an age requirement, something lawmakers are seeking to change.

Sixteen-year-old Jack Bergeson led the charge of teen candidates when he filed to run in the state’s Democratic primary. Jack, now 17, even recruited friends to run with him as lieutenant governor and as his opponent on the Republican side.

The state legislature of Kansas is in the process of passing a bill that would prevent anyone too young to vote — younger than 18 — from running for public office. The bill would not affect this year’s election.

Angus is a type of hunting dog called a wire-haired Vizsla and is described as a “caring, nurturing individual who cares about the best for humanity and all creatures other than squirrels.”

But the Kansas Secretary of State’s office says man’s best friend is not capable of serving the responsibilities required of the governor.