Fall foliage can become works of art, such as this leafy fox. (Photo by Ann Cameron Siegal)

Bring some autumn color into your home with these easy leaf crafts.

Leaf animals

What you will need:

Leaves (preserved work best; see below right) of different colors and shapes, small sticks, construction paper, glue, paper towels, a heavy book and your imagination.

What to do:

●Your imagination is the key tool: On a sheet of construction paper, arrange leaves to resemble a bird or other animals. Use sticks for legs or draw them on the sheet.

●Lightly glue your leaves down. Cover with paper towels, and place a heavy book on top of the towels for several hours.

Make your own colorful fall leaves

What you will need:

After coloring a coffee filter with washable markers, spray lightly with water to let the colors run together. (Ann Cameron Siegal)

Newspaper, coffee filters, markers, spray bottle of water, scissors and paper towels.

What to do:

●Cover your work surface with newspaper, because this can get messy.

●Use markers to color a coffee filter. Scribbling is fine, because you don’t have to cover the whole surface.

●Spray your colored filter lightly with water, then tilt the filter so the water helps the colors run together.

●Place the filter on a paper towel to dry. (It takes only a few minutes.)

●Trace a leaf shape on the dry colored filter, and cut it out. Hang your leaf in a window so it catches the sun. You may want to make a whole batch!

Preserving fall leaves

There are several ways to keep the color of your leaves pretty for a long time. With a grown-up’s permission, check out this website: www.hometrainingtools.com/preserving-autumn-leaves/a/1366.

A leaf lion. (Photo by Ann Cameron Siegal)

This story was originally published in 2013.