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What thing will let us come back out of quarantine?

— Maya, 10, Chapel Hill,
North Carolina

No one solution will bring an end to the coronavirus quarantines. But there are many steps that could help us inch closer to a return to normal.

One recommendation coming from countries that have dealt with massive novel coronavirus spread is hiring “contact tracers.” Contact tracers are workers who have been trained to track down those who have contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19. This allows those people to receive advance testing. It also limits the spread of the virus by helping us quarantine those who might not know they have covid-19.

Another piece of advice is to test more people, because this would allow experts to better assess the state of the pandemic.

Most experts say we should reopen the country slowly, not all at once. So even if the quarantines are “over” in your area, wearing masks and social distancing may continue for months to come.