Harry Megeath, 7, of Washington, left; Elle Blick, 9, and Harrison Blick, 6, of Berryville; and Chloe Megeath, 9, wrote letters to the president at The Post. (Tracy Grant)

It has been an exciting week in Washington. We want to thank all of the kids who came to The Post on Inauguration Day to write letters to President Barack Obama. We’ll send them to the White House,

Congratulations to the kids who got all the answers right in our presidential trivia quiz. Maansi Suvarna, 10, of Clarksburg; Praneel Suvarna, 6, of Clarksburg; Aryan Rajput, 8, of Falls Church; and Lauren Spehlmann, 9, of Vienna, will receive “The Smithsonian Book of Presidential Trivia.”

Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are the answers:

1. George W. Bush once co-owned a baseball team.

2. Richard M. Nixon was first to campaign in all 50 states.

3. Jimmy Carter was sworn in using his nickname.

4. James Madison Randolph, Thomas Jefferson’s grandson, was the first child born at the White House.

5. Abraham Lincoln was the first presidential cat owner. The cat’s name was Tabby.