Kids across the country have been sending in artwork as part of the “Kids Paint Corona” project. Earlier this month we announced that we joined with the kids section at Die Zeit newspaper in Hamburg, Germany, and the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway, to collect original art from kids about their experiences during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you haven’t sent us a drawing or painting, pull out your art supplies. Entries must be received by Sunday.

We’re looking for artwork that tells your story of now: how you’re passing the time at home, what you miss, what worries you or what makes you happy.

KidsPost will publish a selection of the art in mid-June. The museum will feature the collected artwork online and in an exhibit by the end of the year.

Kids ages 5 to 14 are asked to have a parent fill out the form below and upload their artwork. (The form is also at If you have questions, email