Art will be one of the important ways to remember and reflect on the coronavirus pandemic years from now. Because it’s a universal language, art is also a way to connect with people from every corner of the Earth who are affected by the virus. Kids jumped at the opportunity to be part of this visual storytelling in “Kids Paint Corona,” a project dreamed up by the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway, and Die Zeit newspaper in Hamburg, Germany. More than 5,500 young artists revealed what they have been thinking, feeling and doing during the pandemic. The museum is planning an exhibit in the fall.

KidsPost readers contributed nearly 140 of those pieces of art. They created scenes about things they missed, such as sports, school and seeing friends. They celebrated the medical workers and other people who are helping the sick and keeping everyone else safe and healthy. And they encouraged everyone to have hope and continue to do their part in ending the pandemic.

We have a small sample of that art here. Visit over the next several weeks to see a rotating selection from around the world.