Should kids like you be able to earn one of these stickers for your collection? (Rogelio Solis/The Associated Press)

We continue the debate over whether kids should be able to vote. KidsPost ran a story about a proposal in Germany to let kids vote and then ran some of your ideas in Thursday’s edition of KidsPost. Here are some more opinions.

“I think kids should start voting when they are 7 years old. The reason is because grown-ups are taking over the world, and kids voices count.”

— Frances Brogan, 7, Annapolis

→“I think kids shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They would just vote for who their parents vote for and it would just double the votes for each candidate.”

— Marin Johnson, 10, Bethesda

“I think that kids ages 10+ could vote for the president. Possibly, maybe the U.S. could create a test to see if the kids ages 10+ are eligible to vote. When someone votes they’re voting for what they believe in and I think that everyone’s opinions should be heard.”

— Mikaela Chin, 10, Germantown