KidsPost asked readers to share their thoughts about going back to school. From worries about lockers and concerns about missing Mom to excitement about new supplies and new challenges, here are edited versions of some of what our readers wrote. (Read more from kids at

I have mixed feelings about my first year in middle school. I’m excited for the novelty of switching classes, but (though this may sound juvenile) I am going to miss my 15-minute recess, because it was always a nice break from the monotonous school day.

— Zachary Stevenson, 11, Purcellville

Going back to school means seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It means finding out who your new teacher is and getting new school supplies (I like that)! But . . . it [also] means that there are no more camps, no more free time to just hang around. . . . You’ve moved up a grade, so that probably means more homework!

— Delaney Greczyn, 10, Arlington

When I go back to school, I like to shop for school supplies. Sharp pencils and clean notebooks make me feel like a new person. I dread to hear how big I’ve gotten. Growing up is too scary. But I love having harder assignments. I like to take on new challenges.

— Abigail Clark, 9, Fairfax

I cannot wait, because I miss my friends and I want to see my renewed school. My school was being rebuilt during the whole 2010- 2011 school year. These are the reasons I want to come back.

— Nicholas Spasojevic, 9, Washington

I am so scared, because I don’t know what it’s going to be like in kindergarten. I won’t see my Mom when I am at kindergarten. I want my Mom to hug me a lot when I come home after school. I want to hug my Mom a lot, too.

— Brian Mason, 5, Bethesda

I am going to fourth grade in a new school — Drew Elementary in Silver Spring. I’m a little nervous about meeting my new teacher. I am wondering if I will make new friends. The school is kind of big, so I hope I won’t get lost.

— Shifra Dayak, 8, Silver Spring

I am both liking and not liking going back to school because I am looking forward to seeing my friends, but I don’t want to be tired when I get up because I read too long at night. I also don’t want to be learning the same thing for a month in social studies. I am looking forward to being hit in the face by a wall ball at recess and being in a GT class (science) for the first time ever.

— Joe Meisenheimer, 10, Fairfax

It’s that time again, when the first bell of the school year rings, symbolizing new beginnings and an awakening of knowledge. For me, it’s the start of middle school, and that means changes — lockers, associating with older kids, switching classes, independence and increased homework. There may be drama and conflict, and my goal is to avoid that, work hard and embrace all that school offers.

— Caroline Kloster, 11, Potomac

When I go back to school, I hope it will be fun but also educational. There are always new things and old things to learn about. I want to learn new things about social studies, spelling and math. I’m going into fifth grade and I will have a great teacher. . . . I also want to learn more things about basketball moves and drills.

— EJ Jarvis, 11, Washington

I am excited for third grade, because there will be fun art and crafts, movies, popsicles and popcorn. I wish I will have more field trips in third grade. I wish to study more interesting insects, such as ladybugs. Maybe this year we’re going to study dead skeletons. Cool, I can’t wait! I think third grade is going to rock!

— Cassie Zhang, 8, Boyds