Last summer we invited readers to draw or paint what they were feeling or thinking during the coronavirus pandemic. The responses were beautiful and heartfelt. We know that some kids are more comfortable with a pen than a paintbrush. If that’s you, we have an opportunity for you to do something similar.

We have decided that “Poetry of the Pandemic” will be the theme of our 2021 poetry contest, a longtime KidsPost tradition for celebrating National Poetry Month in April.

Kids ages 6 to 14 are invited to write one original poem of 100 words or less in any form. It could be free verse, an ode or an acrostic, to name a few types of poetry. The “original” part is key. That means it has to be entirely your work — not copied from a classmate, a book or the Internet.

The poem doesn’t need to address the pandemic directly. It could be about an experience or a feeling during that time.

A panel of judges will select as many as 10 poems for publication April 28 in the printed KidsPost and at Entries will be judged on creativity and form and will take into account the age of the poet. The writers of the chosen poems will be notified before publication and will receive a prize package.

Have an adult fill out the form below, which includes complete contest rules. If you cannot see the form, go to (A teacher may submit for students.) Entries must be received by March 22. If you have any questions about the contest, please email them to