“Kids Around the World” is a collection of stories from the foreign correspondents from The Washington Post.

Everyone at KidsPost is pretty excited because we have our very own book.

The KidsPost series called "My Name Is . . .,” which featured stories about the lives of kids in countries such as Kenya, Egypt, Brazil and England, among many others, has been turned into an e-book (or electronic book). The e-book can be downloaded and read on Kindles, Nooks and iPads.

The book, called “Kids Around the World,” is based on the reporting of foreign correspondents from The Washington Post.

As you read about Sayeed, who guides tourists on his camel in Egypt, you will understand how different kids’ lives are in other parts of the world. But you’ll also discover that kids half a world away have fun and frustrations that are very similar to your life. In many ways, there is far more that unites kids around the world than divides them.

The e-book, which is full of maps and photographs, costs $2.99 to download from Amazon or iTunes. Always ask a parent or other adult before going online.