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“House of Secrets”

By Chris Columbus
and Ned Vizzini

Ages 8 to 12

It doesn’t take long for life to go haywire in this fast-paced adventure story.

Before the Walkers have spent a night in their new home, a mysterious old house with amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the family’s entire existence is disrupted.

The Walker parents go missing after a strange elderly woman unleashes an attack and reveals herself to be the Wind Witch.
Fifteen-year-old Cordelia,
12-year-old Brendan and 8-year-old Eleanor must argue less and work together to find their parents and return to their life.

First they have to figure out where they are. No longer is their peculiar house located in present-day San Francisco. They now seem to be in a primeval forest, where they come up against warriors on horseback and must save a British World War I pilot from those warriors. Cordelia, a great reader, soon realizes that all of these characters come from books written a century ago by Denver Kristoff, the original owner of their house. It doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

The plot twists and turns through every chapter, as the Walkers try to figure out what the Wind Witch wants. She seems obsessed with a shadowy volume called “The Book of Doom and Desire,” and she wants the Walkers to get it for her.

Surviving one perilous situation after another, Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor discover more about that book, which Brendan calls “pure evil” at one point, as well as about the old house and their own family history, which is connected to the creepy Kristoffs.

For fans of “House of Secrets,” the sequel, “Battle of the Beasts,” is already available, promising further twists, turns and time travel.

— Abby Nolan

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