The Summer of KidsPost has taken us to balmy beaches and scenic summertime locations, but some kids took the opportunity this summer to escape the heat for a winter preview.

Emma and Daniel Paul of Arlington, Virginia, packed their coats for a European vacation that took them to Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland. The name Gullfoss translates from Icelandic to “golden waterfall,” and it is a popular attraction for visitors.

Sisters Daphne and Amelia Wegner of Kensington, Maryland, went to the Nordic lands and arrived in Svalbard. The Arctic archipelago — a group of islands — sits about halfway between Norway and the North Pole. The islands are so far north that for four months in the summer, they experience the midnight sun, when the sun doesn’t set.

Amelia and Lee Beltran of North Springfield, Virginia, didn’t have to go overseas to get a taste of winter when they took a cruise to Skagway, Alaska. The twins and sister Katie are experienced travelers: The kids have only 17 more states to go to have seen all of the United States.

Thank you to all those who sent in photos this summer. Out of 109 submissions, we chose three at random to win Summer of KidsPost prize packs. Congratulations to Matt and Marin Brow of McLean, Virginia; Jacob and Matiwos Curran of Washington, D.C.; and Jarrett Burak of Colesville, Maryland.

We would also like to give a shout-out to the 676 kids from across the country who joined our “Challenge Yourself” 2017 Summer Book Club. We are thrilled you kept up with the reading all summer.