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A light-saber class can you take, young Jedi

How cool a class would this be?

A group of California “Star Wars” fans who want to travel to a galaxy not that far away have created Jedi-in-training lessons with their weapon of choice: the light saber.

But, kids, here’s the bad news: The classes are for adults!

The classes are the idea of Alain Bloch, who knows martial arts and choreographs (or plans out) combat scenes for plays.

During the classes, which are held in a dance studio where “Star Wars” theme music plays, students use neon-glowing light sabers to swish, slice and maneuver in pretend battles with others in the class. In addition to having a lot of fun, students get a little exercise, too.

Not all Jedis-in-training want the Force to be with them. Some are rooting for the Dark Side.

“I just love Vader, period,” said the Darth Vader-clad student Gary Ripper. “Just his voice, the way he moved, the power of him. I just liked the powerfulness of him.”

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